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We are an online media agency that operates a network of 70+ websites that target a number of local markets around the world. Our news portals, live score services, statistical and other sports-related websites help visitors and sporting supporters find accurate information and entertainment, which often leads to them becoming loyal followers of our sites.

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A wide range of advertising formats displayed on our own network of sports media websites and apps that are exclusively empowered by Livesport's technology solutions that have been developed since 2006.

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We at Livesport Media are dedicated to providing our users with highly competitive sports content, and our corporate clients with creative advertising solutions helping them achieve their business goals. Send us a message for more details or read further.

Sport Live scores

The flagship of our product portfolio consists of websites offering scores and statistics which are unique throughout the world thanks to the huge range, speed and quality of the sporting news they provide. The number of visitors and loyal users has long made the Flashscore project, with its global website and dozens of other locales, a market leader.

Tens of millions of satisfied visitors represent the main result of our unique live score services. These are our sports live score projects. Our work knows no boundaries, so our business partners can reach their customers virtually anywhere in the world. Thanks to our global sites, as well as through local projects, which are often among the most visited sports sites in individual countries.

Our main websites

Flashscore, Diretta,,, Soccerstand

Our main apps

Flashscore, Diretta

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Sports content &
specialized projects

The portfolio of sites managed by us have one thing in common, and that is sports. The specific focus of individual projects and their user groups are, however, very colorful. While our sports live scores projects focus on instant data delivery and related content, our other projects cover editorial sites specializing on specific sports, websites focusing on fixed-odds betting, sport analytical sites and news aggregation. You will find here more structured, specialized and consistent target groups.

Our portfolio of websites offers a wide range of possibilities for finding the optimal communication mix. The maximum reach to a wide target audience, which our scores sites offer, can be refined to include communications with targeted groups, which are more profiled and still more structured thanks to the specialized content.

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We make sure your campaign is a huge hit in terms of quality and consistency and that it perfectly suits your target group.

We will find your customers wherever they are – our project is global, with us there are virtually no limitations with regards to geo-localization targeting.

We will make your advertising expenditure effective – on our websites you will find only high-quality advertising space with sophisticated and attractive locations.

We will surprise you with the superior performance of our campaign – our websites are not flooded with banners, we do not use any overly aggressive formats, and so our users do not spontaneously reject advertising content, and the results of the campaign are considerably above the benchmark.

We will go the extra mile for requests to set up the parameters of your campaign – for operating campaigns, our advertising system allows us to follow the latest trends.

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